DLR Scenario Lab: Experience interactive scenario analysis in creative workshops

The SCENARIOLAB is a recent addition to our competences and offers the potential to create new insights into the future of vehicle technology and accompanying markets. In collaboration with DLR experts, you can develop, simulate and assess future vehicle technology scenarios with our powerful scenario analysis and market simulation tool VECTOR21.

Key to the analysis of future market developments is a controversial discussion of experts. Before this discussion takes places analysts have already been simulating the market. For preparation, they searched and processed data, simulated and displayed results and summarized the analysis in a presentation. The experts now discussing about this presentation usually come to the conclusion that changing some of the input data is inevitable. But the analysts are not able to deliver new results during the presentation. The creative discussion is ended on its highpoint, where usually creative solutions are developed. As new results are presented in the following meeting, the creative solutions, which were present last time, have vanished.

What if there would be a creative surrounding and powerful tools that would support the creative process of market analysis and strategy development by eliminating interruptions and amplifying thinking out of the box? What if this inspiring environment would help your team to develop outstanding strategies your competitors would never have even thought about? What if VECTOR21 allows you to analyze future markets by channeling the knowledge of your experts and our experience? These have been the questions which motivated us to create a collaborative workspace reinforcing the key aspects of a successful scenario analysis.


An environment amplifying your creativity
Experience future mobility scenarios and the evolution of new concepts for indivudual mobility. The DLR Scenario Lab allows you to feel future market and technology developments. Triggering all your senses boosts your creativity to an extraordinary level.


Analyzing and making decisions in real-time
With our interactive scenario analysis software, VECTOR21, you are able to conduct market analysis and scenario development in real-time. This allows you to develop outstanding strategies and to make meaningful decisions right on the spot supporting your hands-on-mentality.


Unleashing the imagination of collaborative teams
As soon as the creativity of teams is freed of time-consuming hand-offs, reworks and delays, innovative solutions are able to prosper. An intuitive presentation of data and the simulation in real-time avoids the common creativity block. Ideas generate new ideas and creativity multiplies.